Falcon Group


Falcon Group is a global specialist provider of corporate and trade finance, with offices worldwide, offering bespoke financing options for mid-cap companies that enable them to grow quickly and for large companies to enhance growth and achieve their corporate objectives.

Falcon Group invited several IT service providers to tender as they were not satisfied with the level of technical leadership offered by their then existing supplier. Of the 3 business shortlisted, ITRM were selected as our technical expertise, customer focus and strategic approach differentiated us from the other businesses.

Falcon Group needed a reliable IT services provider to design and implement a series of improvements to refresh their ageing infrastructure and ensured regulatory compliance.


ITRM’s service delivery team completed a detailed network review of Falcon’s existing infrastructure which enabled us to identify existing and potential vulnerabilities. Given the nature of Falcon’s work and the importance of regulatory compliance, their key objectives agreed were to ensure that their infrastructure was secure, resilient, scalable, and allowed business continuity.

ITRMs network review document highlighted several gaps within Falcon’s infrastructure which in turn identified several failings in the its ability to deliver their business requirements. Together with Falcons key personnel, a time frame for the implementation of several new solutions was agreed and a strategic IT Roadmap created.


The ITRM service delivery team completed an in-depth planning workshop that enabled all those involved in the infrastructure refresh to contribute to the solutions selection. The team reviewed the situation holistically, considering not only current needs but the long term strategic plans of Falcon. A detailed migration plan was built to detail implementation dates, testing and client sign off. The team provided a backup and disaster recovery solution that delivered Falcon’s objectives. A complete anti-virus solution, which included web filtering and anti-spam was also implemented which enabled ITRM to manage the security of Falcon’s infrastructure centrally.

The solutions implemented by ITRM provided Falcon with the confidence that their infrastructure was secure, provided resiliency and business continuity.

As part of the offering from ITRM, the strategic IT Roadmap enabled Falcon to understand what their future looked like and provided complete foreseeability to allow for financial planning. The roadmap introduced a two phased refresh approach, with the infrastructure refresh forming phase 1 and phase 2 incorporating the upgrade of their internet connection which in turn enables Falcon to benefit from the current technology of hosted exchange and telephony.