Falko Regional Aircraft Ltd


Falko Regional Aircraft Limited is an established asset management company, actively engaged in all aspects of commercial aircraft leasing, financing and management; with a particular focus on the regional aircraft market. Throughout the course of its 20+ year history Falko has provided asset management solutions for over 150 airlines.

ITRM and Falko have a longstanding relationship and have worked together for over 5 years. The partnership is underpinned by trust and our ability to technically lead and support the business with answers to their challenges that are both deliverable and reliable. 


The current challenge was to address an ageing and slow estate of on premise servers, running legacy operating systems that were out of warranty. Given the nature of Falko’s business, they were particularly sensitive to the challenges of disaster recovery and ensuring business continuity. 



ITRM provided technical leadership, and together with the team at Falko, it was agreed that moving to a hosted infrastructure was most suitable and would deliver all the client objectives. The hosted infrastructure provided greater security compared to the perceived risks associated with operating solely from the Falko’s own site in Hatfield. Having fully understood the client’s current and long term requirements, ITRM delivered a cloud based solution that was most cost effective, efficient, secure and reliable.

Delivering a high standard of service is key in all ITRM projects. ITRM's project management team provided clear guidance to Falko throughout the project, communicating all key milestones and answering questions or concerns whenever they arose. 

The ITRM technical team worked alongside Falko to scope a solution that would meet all their businesses needs. This process included the completion of an in-depth planning workshop that enabled all those involved to be contribute to the design process in a structured way. A detailed migration plan was also built which included dates, risks, user acceptance training and a client sign off schedule.

The solution implemented by ITRM provided Falko with the confidence to move away from its legacy of underperforming assets. This provided an advancement in business continuity for 52 users, capable of scaling with the business in line with their strategic plans. The outcome has enabled greater productivity with a focus on managing further enhancements in service provision rather than managing the challenges inherent in ageing, inflexible in-house assets.

Falko’s Director of Marketing & Communications, Chris Sedgwick concluded; “The project experience and our migration journey to the cloud ran smoothly. The feared disruption and upheaval was completely mitigated. It was a job very well done and one that we were eager to celebrate.”