NRM Consultants


NRM Consultants is a Civil and Structural Engineering company who have offi ces based in London, Southampton and Twickenham.

NRM invited ITRM to propose a Support Service and Maintenance Solution encompassing their existing IT infrastructure and associated fileserver and workstation software incorporating all office locations.

ITRM provided NRM with a service plan, bespoke to their exact requirements. A service level agreement was created containing all equipment and their associated response times depending on how critical the equipment is to the business.


NRM’s Support and Maintenance Solution provides a level of response that ITRM suggested NRM requires to deliver the IT services their business demands, covering:

  • Comprehensive Hardware and Software support for their servers, desktops, laptops, printers, monitors, back-up devices, networking equipment, server & workstation software.
  • Guaranteed response time.
  • Preventative Maintenance with quarterly reporting.



ITRM does not offer set, fixed support solutions, instead we tailor them specifi cally to the client’s needs, depending on what hardware and software equipment they have and for what purpose it is used. From the network review that was initially carried out, it was highlighted that NRM had a substantial amount of critical kit they needed to be supported and therefore required four hour response times to meet their fast evolving business needs.

ITRM are a strong enough organisation to provide the level of support and commitment required by NRM Consultants, yet intimate enough to allow for changes in the level of support on a needs basis, whilst providing a friendly and helpful service.

This has been achieved through the appointment of a dedicated Client Account Manager, who throughout the term of the contract is the point of contact within ITRM.

NRM is provided with a three tier level of Service Desk Support. This facilitates unlimited telephone technical support, remote access support, on-site support, loan kit when required and preventative maintenance visits from the Technical Services Team.

Routine Quarterly Preventative Maintenance visits are made by a dedicated Support Engineer, to perform clean-up routines, basic software updates, system interrogation for back-up integrity verification, security analysis, and site knowledge development. Information from the maintenance visit will then be documented for the client, to measure contract performance, a break-down of calls, analyse problems encountered and discuss recommendations and considerations for their

Our focus was to ensure the support contract actually enhanced NRM Consultants IT Services, providing visible pro-active solutions as opposed to delivering basic reactive problem resolution. Finding the route cause of the problem and rectifying it to stop the problem recurring in the future.

Finally ITRM provided an economical one year fee contract which included no hidden costs - fee free callout, labour and parts in the event of a breakdown/failure. And a guaranteed response in the event of a breakdown/failure/technical query.


"ITRM has provided us with IT support which has proven proactive towards our evolving business requirements. They have delivered an exceptional quality of service and support, and IT guidance has always been offered when required. I am happy to recommend ITRM as a company with excellent technical expertise, who can help you harness technology for the benefi t of your business".

Ritchie Clapson - Managing Director