Illustrated London News Group


ILN are an independent publishing and digital agency that have been at the forefront of their industry for 166 years. ITRM were recommended into ILN in 2007 to assess the existing infrastructure and provide consultancy services to instigate a number of key improvements. This was then to be underpinned by a comprehensive and fully tailored support and maintenance solution encompassing their entire infrastructure.


ITRM’s initial goals were to fully document, improve and stabilise an ageing infrastructure to maximise the performance and capacity of the existing systems to meet the ever increasing demands of the business. At the same time we were commissioned to propose a support and maintenance solution that would allow for a seamless transition from an in-house IT department to an outsourced solution without any disruption to the business.


After conducting in depth analysis of the systems and the overall requirements at departmental level throughout the business, ITRM proposed a variety of systems upgrades and designed a solution that would consolidate all their core business applications onto resilient platforms with adequate storage and data backup capability to ensure business continuity in the event of a disaster.

Upon project completion, the environment was handed over to our award winning support and maintenance team to provide a proactive, professional service to the busy user base.