Mega International Commercial Bank


Mega International Commercial Bank was created as a result of the merger of The International Commercial Bank of China and Chiao Tung Bank in 2006. Owing to the consolidation, the Bank now boasts 106 branches at home and 19 branches, 3 representative offices abroad and manpower of 5169 employees.


ITRM were introduced to Mega international by Think London. Mega International Bank were in need of a complete AS400 solution IBM iSeries to host their business critical application to provide a robust, high performance platform to run on to support the high demands of the application. The server would also need to be accessed from the head office based in China.


ITRM reviewed the requirements of MICB and provided a recommended system to host the application. As part of the solution, ITRM procured, installed and configured the system. The solution included;

  • Physical installation of iSeries Server.
  • Installation of the operating system and license programs.
  • Configuration of the iSeries Server.
  • Configuration of the standard backup routine using LTO drives.
  • Configuration of the server on the MICB network.
  • Configuration of client access on the desktop environment.

Post Implementation

After the installation had been completed, ITRM provided MICB with ongoing support services. In the year that followed, MICB experienced zero unscheduled downtime.