WB Chambers & Sons


WB Chambers and Sons are one of the largest growers and packers of soft fruit, operating from multiple sites within the UK, serving major supermarkets, wholesalers and retail markets nationwide.

WB Chambers first engaged with ITRM following a referral from an external business consultant, Zest Business Process Management, appointed to work with them on reviewing their business processes. 


Due to substantial business growth, WB Chambers had outgrown their existing IT infrastructure which was causing them to be less efficient in their daily operations. They required a new, reliable and scalable IT infrastructure.

ITRM’s service delivery team met with WB Chambers to first understand their business challenges and their long terms needs. This was followed by a detailed network review of their infrastructure which enabled us to identify existing and potential weaknesses as well as gaps in its ability to perform as required.

ITRM were also appointed to manage the rollout and implementation of a new ERP Server Solution alongside the network refresh.

The following areas of concern were identified by ITRM:

  • The use of IMAP email offered no back up or data recovery
  • The wrong operating systems were being used, not compatible with corporate networks
  • Low spec hardware that was ageing and out of warranty
  • Lack of central backup solution
  • Number of connectivity issues due to bad cable management



The rollout of the ERP solution meant that the IT infrastructure rollout needed to be completed within a challenging time frame. The review had also highlighted the need for a new cabling infrastructure to support the required changes to their environment, widening the scope of the project quite significantly.  ITRM therefore worked alongside WB Chambers to create a detailed project timeline to ensure this could be completed without causing any unplanned business downtime.

The refresh project included:

  • The installation of a news server cabinet, wireless access points and 90 category 6 cabling outlets
  • Installation of new UPS and network switches
  • Installation of a new virtual host and 2 virtual servers
  • Replacement of existing desktops and data migration
  • Office 365 email migration
  • Secure removal and disposal of old infrastructure and services

ITRM successfully implemented a complete new IT and network infrastructure alongside the roll out of a new ERP server solution for WB Chambers as per their requirements. Having fully understood their business model during the early stages of our engagement, ITRM were able to consider their long term strategic requirements and deliver a solution that will provide security and confidence in their IT for the next 3-5 years.