Qualified Electrician

Location: Thames House, St Johns Road, Sidcup, Kent, DA14 4HD
Reference: PR001


Your role within the company is a very important one.  Your key responsibility is to ensure our clients are professionally managed and that the day-to-day administration and running of your area is smooth and business effective.

Your role will encompass many responsibilities and will grow and move in various directions during the initial stages of your employment.   The key to success within this role is ensuring that you and the Consultants you work with work as a team to promote ITRM, to give a comprehensive, professional service to both our clients and candidates.  As discussed, key areas, which will need focus, are below:-
As Electrical Engineer your role will include the following responsibilities:

Principal Duties:
•    Assist with electrical and cabling installation projects across the board, supervised and unsupervised.  
•    Perform the installation, operation, and maintenance of all electrical & cabling equipment.
•    Evaluate materials, and equipment needs to ensure equipment operation and maintenance to maximise project performance and to meet industry and manufacturer standards.
•    Exercise independent judgement and discretion on technical matters. Work involves determining equipment needs and preparing detailed budget requests and recommendations including written specifications, justifications, and detailed drawings.
•    Encourage and promote IT cabling services and capabilities.
•    Assist the Technical Services Group research and make appropriate recommendations for future developments and ensure current solutions are efficiently utilised.
•    Provide/Co-ordinate training and support as required by customers and colleagues.
•    To understand, comply and submit documentation associated with this role in order to ensure that projects and installations are signed off.

Responsible for:
•    Ensuring all problems are dealt with efficiently.
•    Provide advice to users and colleagues, supported by documentation as appropriate aimed at reducing frequency and impacts of incidents.
•    Dealing with and co-ordinating suppliers, consultants and clients on a regular basis.
•    Perform preventive maintenance, installation, design, and/or fabrication of cabling infrastructure;
•    Prepare plans, estimates and quotations.
•    Assure that the correct legal requirements and standards within the industry are met;

Demonstrate continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes, and work cooperatively and jointly to provide quality seamless customer service.


  • Ensuring you look smart and presentable at all times.  We are a smart-casual office but will expect you to respect that the environment is professional and you may, at times be requested to wear business dress.
  • You will be expected to wear Business Dress (suit or Jacket and skirt/trousers) when visiting clients or candidates and when interviewing.

You are a very important part of the ITRM team and your ideas and suggestions will always be gladly received.  Every effort will be made to train you effectively to allow you to achieve your career objectives and aspirations and to ensure that you are equipped to do the job in hand.