Telecoms Offer

ITRM understands how critical telecoms are for any business. The majority of our clients will require at least a single telephone line, with requirements for more sophisticated telecoms systems building as the size and complexity of their business requirements grow.

ITRM offers a complete portfolio of services for Telephone and Internet connectivity, thereby addressing the requirements from the smallest to the most sophisticated user. We offer scalable solutions from straightforward analogue lines for PSTN and ADSL connectivity, through to digital ISDN Voice solutions and up to the most advanced EFM, MPLS, and SIP services where appropriate.

Special Offer to London & Partners Clients

One of the most common hurdles that clients creating a presence in the UK will have is a requirement for telecoms lines, whilst having no credit history in the UK. ITRM are able to help our clients overcome this by providing connectivity in most cases, even without such a credit history.

Additionally, we recognise the need for regular communication back to a Head Office located in a home country. As such, we are pleased to be able to offer new London and Partners clients a package which includes reduced call rates back to their home country, and we will offer up to a 40% discount over the standard BT phone charge rates (subject to particular client and county of origin).