ITRM Limited was commissioned by Glotel plc to audit, review, plan and undertake the relocation of the IT Infrastructure including the desktop environment from their London Wardour Street offices, to the new offices in London’s Leicester Square. Glotel is a world leading resource solutions provider, with a network of 19 offices throughout Europe, the Americas and Asia-Pacific.

ITRM were employed to analyse the current infrastructure, identify weaknesses, and assess the impact of such weaknesses to the business, so as to ensure the low risk move of critical IT equipment & services to the Leicester Square offices.

E-mail services globally emanate from the London offices, making the availability of the mail servers a critical component in the success of the project.

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To decommission and relocate the entire desktop environment and Comms room equipment to Leicester square (including servers, storage area network, network switches, routers, firewalls and other critical network components), in a seamless fashion with the least possible business disruption. Whilst at the same time addressing the client’s current issues of tidiness and ease of future manageability in their Comms Room, by cutting over to a clean strictly change controlled environment.


ITRM integrated with Glotel’s in house IT Department, but were entrusted with overall project responsibility. It was therefore imperative that a detailed infrastructure review and adequate planning took place prior to the move.

ITRM Produced a technical network review document for both source and target sites, including recommendations on Comms Room layout, Space, Power, Air Con, earthing, physical security and cabling requirements. A project plan encompassing the entire move, including proposed topology, cabinet layout schematics, UAT, full documented handover and signoff criteria was also appended.

ITRM oversaw the entire project including installation of dedicated voice and data circuits, decommission, pack, transportation (via professional IT transport services) and recommission all server, network and desktop equipment. All voice and data services were patched, colour coded and labelled with suitable cable management employed. Entire network reconfi guration took place (including DNS/MX records, global firewalls, IP address space, DHCP scopes, etc) plus the inclusion of a new VPN based remote access facility.

At the conclusion of the relocation, ITRM undertook a further network review and produced a document containing detailed performance analysis, recommendations of improvement to the entire infrastructure, plus post move network topology diagrams, cabinet layout schematics, patch management data, etc. Following ITRM’s onsite attendance post cutover, this document along with the training and de-briefing, formed an important part of the BAU handover back to Glotel staff.


"At Glotel we need to act fast, because our business depends on it and we demand that our suppliers do the same. ITRM is very good at doing just that, because it understands how we operate, the pressures we face and its whole approach is based around builtin flexibility and continuous service improvement. The original decision to use ITRM for such a critical operation stemmed from the successful cooperation between both companies in the past. Anyone can drive down costs, but if you are to reap the larger rewards of a long-term relationship then the importance of the way you work together can not be under estimated. There is a good cultural fit between our two organisations and that’s what makes ITRM special. The office and Comms room relocation project was a total success recognised by our entire organisation. We now look forward to strengthening and building on this relationship yet further”

IT Manager