Kent County Council


ITRM were engaged in 2009 following a successful tendering process and have now completed 8 years of continuous service.

Kent County Council (KCC) invited several providers to tender for infrastructure cabling services. Of the 3 businesses shortlisted, ITRM were selected as our technical expertise and innovative approach distinguished us from the others.


Our approach provided KCC with confidence in our ability to provide them with a county wide cabling infrastructure solution that would replace their existing ageing systems that did not meet their requirements and regularly failed, causing outages which often resulted in unplanned business downtime.


ITRM’s cabling team met with the KCC project team prior to the commencement of the contract to ensure that our staff were aware of their full requirements and had an understanding of their whole estate. This involved the completion of over 400 site surveys, the findings of which were shared with KCC’s IT team. Together, projects were planned, understood and completed within budget, time frames and specification.

ITRM worked alongside KCC to complete a county wide rollout of a new copper and fibre cabling infrastructure across multiple sites. This was followed by the deployment of switch upgrades, Wifi, VoIP and a server rationalisation project in the main KCC offices, libraries, social services offices, highway departments and youth centres. 

Kent County Council have a reliable IT infrastructure across all their 400 sites, enabling them to provide an uninterrupted service to the public. Since completion of our works under tender, ITRM continue to work with KCC on various projects including the maintenance of their existing copper and fibre cabling infrastructure.