The Crown Group


The Crown Group specialise in providing expertise in catering and entertainment, from corporate events to weddings large or small. Established some 30 years ago with a team build of highly experienced and qualified chefs, the Company has become a well-known player in the competitive catering and entertainment industry, winning awards and large contracts.

The company is guided by some strong values and the spirit and entrepreneurialism that drove the company in the early days is still prevalent today, playing a major part in how the company operates.


Due to outgrowing their existing premises in Romford, Essex, The Crown Group made the decision to move to a new head office in Thurrock. This allowed them to further expand their business and day to day operations.

ITRM were recommended by an employee of The Crown Group to propose a network infrastructure solution for the new head office. It was vital that the solution reflected the long term investment the Group were making and enabled the deployment of future technology platforms without the need for further cabling works in years to come.

Having considered the needs of The Crown Group, ITRM offered a solution capable of allowing high speed data transfer rates internally with the flexibility required for future expansion, moves or changes.


Promptly, ITRM proposed and implemented a new Connectix Category 6 cabling system throughout the premises, delivering gigabit capability to each desktop position.

Using modular patch panel technology, ITRM presented the cabling in communication and server racks, alongside brush strip letterbox cable management panels in accordance with the Group’s preferences. This added a visual enhancement to the overall presentation of the cabling & hardware connectivity.

Category 6 server and communications rack interlink cables were installed to provide a permanent and stable high speed interface between switching hardware and the core server environment.

ITRM were faced with a few challenges whilst implementing the new network infrastructure, caused by the environment. The varied use of the premises such as food storage and food preparation meant that the design of the cabling system was even more important. It was essential that the system was capable of succeeding in several different environments without being easily damaged or compromised.

Working alongside some temporary staff and the nominated building contractor ITRM were able to complete the installation, compliance test and provide a manufacturer’s 25 year system warranty to provide peace of mind for the installation.

The Result

The IT manager of the Crown Group has total confidence that he has a fully functional and reliable cabling infrastructure capable of supporting the voice and data requirements of the business. Furthermore, the IT manager has now started looking at  several other services from our portfolio.