Why the Construction Industry Needs Bespoke Managed IT Services

Much like every other industry in the digital age, the construction industry has continued to evolve and now utilises many different forms of technology. Therefore, the need for bespoke business IT support for project managers, engineers and other crucial personnel have never been greater. Everyday and more industry-specific tasks are carried out using various devices and software — from the design of construction plans to the delivery of contracts to team communications. Therefore, a managed IT specialist is a valuable resource for advice and assistance as and when required.

If you have employees working across multiple sites — who all need the resources to communicate effectively and access to essential tools — managed IT services provide bespoke solutions to even the most complex problems. Remote work is becoming more and more common. Combine this with the fact that many people working on a project may not interact with each other face-to-face and you cannot afford a breakdown in communication and productivity due to IT-based issues. If this occurs, it can cause significant delays in construction, which can lead to the project going over budget or costing more than you had planned. Regardless of the issue, you should never have to suffer due to the quality of your IT support. Fortunately, with ITRM, that’s not something you have to worry about.  

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Why Choose ITRM for Your Construction Company?

With over 20 successful years in the IT industry, ITRM has had the pleasure of working with a variety of small businesses and large organisations. During this time, we have developed an understanding of the varying IT needs of many different industries — and also created innovative solutions to suit the needs of companies and the demands of competitive industries such as construction. A major construction project requires the extensive and regular exchange of information and data between the project's participants. ITRM can provide the vital tools and resources needed to help your current projects excel and help your company reach new levels of success in the future. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is highly-beneficial for the construction industry due to its constant change of personnel and the setup of new site locations. Construction workers often need access to company data for crucial decision-making and the ability to report in real-time while on site. Construction firms benefit from the cloud's ability to offer enhanced freedom and easy access to data at any time, from any location.

Virtual CTO

The role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO) has been around for over a decade. This position consists of advising and supporting business strategy with the efficient use of various forms of technology. For smaller businesses or companies on a tighter budget, appointing a CTO is a luxury they can't afford. Fortunately, outsourcing your IT needs provides a more accessible and cost-effective solution to a complex problem. ITRM's advisory services are available virtually and on-demand, allowing you to reduce the costs associated with an on-site team. Find out more about our virtual CTO service.

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