DHOC Property Management


ITRM were approached by surveyors Martin Associates to produce an intranet application for use by Hackney Homes.

They were looking for a system that would enable them to manage the upkeep of their property portfolio (some 28,000+ properties) to ensure that they are all kept up to a particular standard of maintenance as dictated by the Decent Homes Government Initiative.

This system would ultimately produce a work schedule which would be used by constructors in order to bring all their properties up to this standard.


  • To create a robust system to manage the surveying and work required for 28,000+ properties on specified programme period.
  • To produce an electronic version of the current survey form that will allow the entry of survey information against individual properties.
  • To generate detailed work orders based on the survey information through a collaboration between constructors and Hackney Homes.
  • To restrict access to various sections based on user group.
  • To allow Hackney Homes to connect to the system and retrieve work orders automatically.



In close collaboration with Martin Associates, an accurate technical specification was produced that reflected their specific requirements of the system, forming a solid base for the development process.

After the creation and presentation of several beta versions, the finished Intranet finally went live in late 2006 and is expected to process in excess of £70million worth of work orders each year.

Overall, this was a hugely successful, Intranet based project carried out by ITRM.