You might be thinking about a fully remote, or a part remote and part office-based workforce. Or you may be planning on migrating your full workforce back into the office when the time is right. But are you thinking about your IT security and securing your entire workforce wherever they are? It’s important to get a suitable threat protection for your users, no matter where they are to ensure your business is protected with the highest levels of security from known, unknown and emerging threats.


ITRM’s WORXprotect provides the modern workforce with a multi-layered threat protection that will give you peace of mind that your IT security is the best it can be. This combines your core security services – Email security, Web security and Endpoint protection, within a single, fully managed solution that provides advanced threat protection in real-time.

Endpoint protection

It is widely known that endpoints present points of entry that can be exploited by cybercriminals. Our endpoint protection will ensure every device endpoint is protected against security threats – Laptop, phones, mobiles PCs and other wireless devices. 

Email protection

Our advanced email security solution provides protection across all major email threats as email continues to be an easy entry point and the #1 threat vector facing organisations. We enhance on the levels of Microsoft 365’s built in security, which is a good level of basic security, but is not sophisticated enough to encounter the highly targeted threats alone.

Web protection

We include total web security protection against all web related threats including web-borne malware, offensive or inappropriate content–

this will allow you to manage the time spent on websites that impact productivity. 

Don’t leave your business open to unknown threats. As an existing customer of ITRM we are offering you a FREE IT security audit.

Talk to your Account Manager for more details and to arrange your audit and consultation, including a detailed report on areas for improvement.

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