Data security is a must for your business. Organisations need to protect customer and other stakeholders’ data, to safeguard against the cost of a data breach or leak and the damage caused by reputational loss.  

    No one product will do the trick. Instead, protection should be viewed as multi-layered.


    WORX Protect IT Security

    WORX Protect is our unique approach to IT security which offers the fullest protection by securing three key areas; endpoints, email and web.  

    Endpoint protection ensures Microsoft servers and desktops are protected from virus and malware.  Email protection ensures you don’t send or receive virus, malware or spam and web protection ensures that all browsing is carried out safely, by monitoring and filtering access to prohibited sites on subjects, such as gambling, pornography or drugs.

    You can choose to purchase one or more of the following service(s) based on your needs.

    Services based on your needs

    • Protect every device endpoint
    • Laptops, phones, mobile, PCs and more
    • Efficient, effective, secure
    • WORX Protect endpoint protection from ITRM
    • Reduce risks associated with emails
    • Protects inbound and outbound email
    • WORX Protect filters and scans every email
    • Regular reporting and statistical overviews
    • WORX Protect filters all web traffic
    • Web filtering, wherever the recipient is
    • Websites categorised, allowed or blocked
    • Regular reporting of browsing habits
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