Why use a virtual chief technology officer (VCTO)?

    A Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is responsible for ensuring a company’s technologies are sufficiently aligned to achieve overall business objectives.

    Also called chief technical officer, the role has been around for more than a decade but, for smaller businesses, appointing someone to this role, is a luxury few can afford. Take a look at the technology strategy we deployed for the RAF Benevolent Fund.

    Pay as you go

    In the face of rapid innovation and digital disruption, most businesses will need access to a visionary thinking CTO, to help them achieve their longer-term IT objectives. They might even require one for a specific project or, on a part-time basis.

    Meeting your needs, virtually

    This is where a virtual chief technology officer (VCTO) comes into its own.

    In order to help clients who wanted this type of support, we are now making the service more widely available to all clients.

    Rest assured, it’s still YOUR business

    If anyone is nervous about giving the reins to someone outside their business, they needn’t be. Understanding your business and your objectives is integral to our offering. We ensure you are fully apprised of and, involved in, any recommendations we make on your behalf.

    While the term ‘virtual’ means we’re not with you 24/7, a highly experienced IT professional will be on hand to liaise with you, visit you on site and get to know you and your team, in order to deliver the best recommendations for your business.

    A high-level view that offers great value

    Not only is this a great way to cost-effectively access high level resource, it also has the advantage of giving you a fresh, outsiders perspective and one that is based on many years of IT experience. We work hard to ensure most work is carried out behind the scenes, causing minimum disruption, wherever feasible.

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