An IT help desk is the first point of contact for companies wishing to get assistance with anything connected with their systems. It could be something relatively simple like a configuration issue relating to email or a server. Or, it could be an emergency that threatens a network and the company's operations. Whatever the problem, you need help — and fast. 

Mostly, help desk support is available to companies that outsource their IT to a specialist third-party managed service provider (MSP). It may be limited to office hours or operate around the clock (like at ITRM). But companies that run their own IT systems and have the personnel to maintain the network may also need IT help desk support. 

So, broken down, what exactly is help desk support and how can it help your company — not just in times of need but to get ahead of the competition?

What Is Help Desk Support?

In the digital era, IT help desk support is critical to keeping your company online and operational at all times. Even brief outages can disrupt companies and create an impression that they're not trustworthy, leading to reputational damage that can be hard to repair. Plus, there's the ongoing risk of cyber attacks that shows no sign of relenting. Hackers continue to target companies large and small and steal their data — putting firms at additional risk of being in breach of data legislation and the hefty fines this carries. 

Assistance from a help desk is usually delivered by either phone, email or a ticketing system — although some companies may now also offer help desk support by instant messaging apps. Each channel of communication will allow you to speak with a certified technical specialist who will be able to help you with whatever issue you're having. As with everything with IT, speed is of the essence, and this is especially true when things go wrong and you need expert help. 

Help Desk Support for Remote Staff

As well as helping on-site operations, IT help desk support is increasingly becoming vital for those employees who work from home. Remote working has soared in recent times, and giving such staff access to IT support so they can resolve issues can make all the difference between getting the job done and frequent delays that can be costly when you need to deliver a project on time.

Many of us are now working in the cloud, whether from offices or at home. Connection problems, synching apps and other issues can arise that need an instant resolution from an IT help desk — or productivity can suffer. 

And it's all about the productivity, and profits. When the former falls, so too does the latter, and getting the right answers to IT issues — and at the right time — can help make companies far more efficient and profitable. Having solid help desk support also gives a direct line to staff who need assistance and answers — rather than them having to go through internal systems and personnel, which can potentially cause disruption and delays along the way. 

So help desk support is there for your company when you need it and to get you back on track so that your crucial IT systems are in optimal shape and help to propel you ahead. In a hyper-connected world, where every online second counts, you can’t afford to be without it.

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