Our range of services lends itself to helping clients, prospects, or intermediaries relocate to new offices. Our in-house, highly qualified team of cabling specialists, our unified communications team, as well as our IT support team, possess the perfect blend of skills to assist.

    New offices or a new space

    Whether it’s a move to a new town, due to business growth, or a move across town or, even to a new space within the same building, our well-honed team is able to provide the support to get you up and running.

    Moving to new premises might trigger a review of your cabling infrastructure or connectivity Or, you might need support with an existing website, to improve your SEO ranking, or create a new website or portal, to support a new service or product. ITRM can help you with these projects and our relocation services team can manage your move to new premises.

    Regular support

    Because we’re known for being so efficient, tidy and responsive at office moves, we are used to being called upon to help out fit-out experts, to supply a one-stop range of IT, telecoms and cabling services that they’re loathe to buy separately.

    We’ve been called upon by the likes of Knight Frank and Ring Central to act in this capacity.

    Ad-hoc support

    In addition, we have a lot of companies that are referred to us, to assist with sizeable relocations of up to 200 staff. We take pride in ensuring everything all communications are working the day staff move in and providing cabling services installed efficiently and in sympathy with the location, in order to facilitate this.

    In addition to our existing clients, AIG and Centrica are two customers who were very happy with our services.

    To find out more about our relocation services contact us on 020 8308 3300

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