In an increasingly online world, cybercrime is becoming a problem that’s impossible to ignore. With the COVID-19 pandemic only speeding up the move to all things digital, cybersecurity has had to move fast to keep up with the developments of cybercriminals.

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As a result, for any business in London, cybersecurity has had to become a high priority recently. Efficient IT support can not only reduce the risk of cyberattack but is becoming a vital feature for any business hoping to appear as a viable partner in commercial circles. 

To stay ahead of the curve, learn what developments in cybersecurity are coming your way.

An increased ransomware threat

The UK National Cyber Security Centre identified significantly more ransomware attacks in just the first quarter of 2021, compared to the entirety of 2019. London-based businesses should be aware that this number is only expected to grow as more and more activity migrates online. 

Ransomware is often introduced via phishing attacks, which mimic legitimate links to trick employees into downloading malware. Once infiltrated, this illegal software locks files away, demanding a ransom, typically cryptocurrency, in order to release the data. 

To avoid this, employees should be trained to identify ransomware attacks and avoid falling victim to false links. 

Vulnerable connected devices

By the end of 2022, it’s thought that there could be 18 billion devices connected to the internet. This is known as the Internet of Things, or the IoT, and it presents numerous access points for cybercriminals. 

The IoT links devices that store limited information with those that have access to vulnerable information, creating a backdoor access point for bad actors.

Businesses in London should be aware that hackers have used connected devices such as intercom systems to gain access to sensitive information stored on the same network. Local IT support should be used to comprehensively check networks for vulnerabilities and to understand how to protect against data attacks.

AI defences

Artificial intelligence has long since moved from the realm of science fiction into the everyday. By the end of 2022, expect to see AI deployed in an increased role in providing cybersecurity for a range of businesses.

AI can be used to identify attacks by collecting data and recognising behaviour that deviates from the norm. By gathering and analysing information, AI can predict where attacks will come from before they’ve even happened.

Of course, the rise of AI-led cybersecurity has also led to an increased use of AI by cybercriminals. Those predictive powers of AI can be implemented by both sides, which is why we’re likely to see a continued growth of AI defences.

Cybersecurity begins to catch up with cybercrime

Cybercriminals have long operated under the assumption that they can build ladders faster than cybersecurity can put up walls. The speed at which technology has allowed cybercriminals to constantly adapt and evade, leading police into a game of catch-up.

However, cybersecurity and policing are starting to pull ahead. And as cybercrime cost $6 trillion in 2021, the change couldn't come soon enough. New data protection laws have given businesses in London better opportunities to protect their information. Expect increased regulations and expanded penalties for even exposure to vulnerabilities to limit losses caused by data theft.

London companies can expect slightly increased costs in securities in the short term, but the benefits will be greater in the long run. And so, there’s never been a better time to invest in IT support in London.

Cybersecurity determines partnerships

As systems link together, there are increased areas of vulnerability. The more a network grows, the more potential entrance points there are. And while your business will do what it can to ensure security is as tight as possible, can you say the same about any partners?

In 2022, expect to see cybersecurity become a defining feature in partnership decisions. Any security system is only as strong as its weakest point, which means that the weakest point needs to be removed. When deciding between partners, a good cybersecurity system could be what sets your business apart. 

For any London business to stay a viable partner, you must ensure top-level cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity in 2022

Cybersecurity will continue to grow and evolve, and how a business responds to this will affect how viable it remains.

To find out how your London based business can stay at the forefront of cybersecurity, contact ITRM for managed IT solutions.

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