[snapp-media type="image" id="3611" position="snapp-content__img--center"][snapp-media type="image" id="3622" position="snapp-content__img--center"]Over the past 2 months, during the COVID-19 lockdown, the UK has seen an influx in email attacks known as ‘phishing emails.’  [snapp-media type="image" id="3600" ]

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    Below we have highlighted the most common Coronavirus related phishing scams, so you and your teams are aware of what to look out for the next time you receive a “phishy” looking email.

    This phishing email is disguised as a HMRC tax refund notification. Clicking the link “access your funds now” directs to a fake government landing page, where the user is encouraged to input private financial information.  

    This scam claims to be from a doctor who has details of a vaccine being covered up by the Chinese and UK governments. Again, this email links to a bogus page designed to harvest your details. 

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