In our increasingly digital society, IT Support is not only useful but essential. For companies (and even entire sectors) looking to get ahead, outsourcing IT Support is the way forward.

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Though the health sector is geared toward helping the public, it could often use a little help itself. And, while you may be wondering what IT has to do with healthcare, the two have never been more interconnected than today.

Reducing medical errors, fighting against data breaches, preventing loss or mishandling of sensitive patient data, and streamlining of prescription services all rely upon effective, immediate IT support. What’s more, studies have shown that IT support such as cloud computing services and cyber security management actually contribute to improved patient safety and satisfaction in the healthcare sector. 

With that being said, it’s clear that the healthcare industry and medical professionals need IT support to keep up with the increasing demand from the public, especially at a time like the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Read on and we’ll run you through a few of the ways IT Support from a company like ITRM can boost the efficiency of the healthcare sector so it, in turn, can help others. 

Prescription Perfection

Gone are the days when GPs would have to furiously scribble on paper prescriptions. Nowadays, everything is digitalised. 

In advanced surgeries, your GP can electronically transfer your prescription over to your pharmacy and have your medication ready and waiting for you in no time at all. But this immediacy comes with a caveat: masses of data. 

E-prescribing software is highly complex and surgeries need to have up-to-date, reliable hardware and software to juggle it. On top of this, all systems handling prescriptions will need to be bolstered against data breaches in order to protect clients’ personal data. That’s why it’s a great idea to outsource your cloud computing services and IT support to a dedicated company with the time, skills, and know-how like ITRM.

Patient Data Security 

Increasingly, as with all data nowadays, healthcare data is stored in cloud-based locations. Without proper management from cloud computing systems experts or an IT support company, the information of your patients could be at risk from cyber attacks. 

As we’ve learned with the infamous NHS data breach back in 2019, the implications of a successful cyberattack on the healthcare industry, in particular, are extremely dangerous. Healthcare data, second only to financial data, is one of the most sensitive and vulnerable pieces of data online — so it’s worth protecting. 

With a company like ITRM on your side, you’ll be able to evaluate the weak points, loopholes, and shortcomings in the software of your healthcare business and overcome them to reach greater patient security. 

Our cybersecurity IT support services include a free consultation and endpoint, web, and email monitoring to make sure your systems are as safe as they can be so you and your patients can get the peace of mind they deserve when dealing with health complications.

GDPR Compliance 

Dealing with vast quantities of sensitive patient data necessitates an awareness of and an ability to adhere to the accompanying GDPR regulations. Companies have to deal with increasingly strict cloud and data protection guidelines surrounding the safeguarding of their customer’s information — and the healthcare industry is no different. 

By recruiting an IT Support consultant, your healthcare company can be sure to always remain on the right side of the law when handling, processing, and archiving digital patient data. For more information, read our blog on how you can meet UK data compliance regulations.

Efficient Information Exchange 

The healthcare industry is, more than most, an ever-changing and fast-paced environment to operate in. 

In order to keep up with public health demands, pharmaceutical companies, healthcare specialists, and other health-based businesses alike will all have to increase the speed at which they can accurately process and transfer information. 

To send and receive patient information quickly, the connectivity of voice and data systems should be optimised as much as possible — and IT support specialists like ITRM can help with this. Our IT support experts can help your healthcare business with broadband issues, converged private networks (CPNs), and MPLS solutions to aid internal or multi-site communications

Patient-Friendly Web Design 

The healthcare sector deals with people from all walks of life and in all stages of life. So, having a website that can accommodate these differences in experience and ability is essential. 

From the elderly who may struggle with straightforward navigation to young adults filling out forms for the first time, your healthcare business’ website must be accessible and patient-friendly. 

An IT support expert who specialises in web design (like us) is your secret weapon here. Don’t let something as trivial as a tricky website design put potential patients off. Instead, allow those with decades of experience in custom web design, web development, UI, and UX to construct a simple but sharp site tailored to the specific needs of its future users.

Healthcare-Based IT Support In London 

If you’re the owner of a healthcare business in London, you could benefit greatly from our unique services. 

As of 2021, there are over 300 registered clinics and hospitals in London. As a place with such a high population density, surgeries and medical practices are likely to be always busy or at full capacity, receiving a constant influx of new patients. 

That being said, keeping a record of each patient while making sure their data is continuously safe and up-to-date may seem like an impossible task — but not with outsourced IT support. By partnering with an IT support London expert like ITRM, you can focus on treating those that need your help while we help your systems stay efficient and, most importantly, safe.

For any questions about our IT support service, in London, Kent, or elsewhere, get in touch with our team of experts and we’d be happy to help. 

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