Every industry relies heavily on technology, not only to grow but to function — and sports and entertainment venues are no different.

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Lockdown after lockdown has made the past few years extremely difficult for venues. And, as public spaces and leisure facilities are opening up again, the digital world is becoming ever-increasingly competitive too.

Venues across the country are constantly expanding their capabilities thanks to managed IT support, and your venue could be next. From minimising downtime to maximising entertainment possibilities, IT support services like ITRM’s can be essential in the expansion of your venue. Read on to find out how.

IT support for sports & entertainment venues 

As society becomes increasingly digitalised, cultural strongholds like sports and entertainment venues do too. 

From logistics to data handling, there are countless IT procedures that go on behind the scenes of venues to ensure events can run smoothly. However, as with any service, there is always room for improvement in innovation and efficiency — and that’s where managed IT support comes in. 

1.Reliable internet connection

To risk stating the obvious, every venue — sporting, music, entertainment or otherwise — needs to be well connected. WiFi is, nowadays, an essential part of public and private life. So, having a location with no or poor internet connection is self-sabotage, to say the least. 

By recruiting an IT communications and cabling expert like ITRM, installing and maintaining a strong WiFi-connected infrastructure will be more accessible than ever before.

Not only can your guests access the web while at your venue, but a stable internet connection allows your staff to better research, create, and distribute marketing materials to promote upcoming events. 

What’s more, with a team of IT support consultants on your side, your venue’s site can be monitored and kept running smoothly, with minimal downtime and an optimised user experience. 

2.Protected data & GDPR compliance 

As of late, there are a whole host of IT-related GDPR requirements, especially for businesses in the public sector. However, safely handling and processing customer details is never easy, particularly when considering the rise in cybercriminal activity in recent years. 

To reassure your customers that their data is safe in your hands, partner with an IT support expert like ITRM. Not only can we inform you and your staff about the GDPR requirements your business’s IT systems must adhere to, but we can help protect your data too.

Using penetration testing and other IT security measures, such as endpoint protection, we can ensure that your customers’ and stakeholders’ data is protected, backed up, and easily recoverable should the worst happen. 

3.Entertain from anywhere

Cloud computing is quickly becoming a crucial part of modern business operations. So why hold your venue back?

Switching to the cloud opens up a whole world of possibilities for your business, from being able to access data from anywhere in the world at any time, to increased productivity. 

Perhaps you’re planning a remote event or collaborating with multiple shareholders on an upcoming project. In both cases, shareable data and transferable resources would make logistics much more manageable. 

Outsourcing your IT support to an expert allows for cloud computing to be set up and monitored easily, with minimal disruption to your current systems. Also, should your venue succumb to damage, stored data on the cloud is always protected. 

4.Consultancy for growth 

One of the most valuable aspects of outsourced IT support is IT consultancy.

Are you tired of outdated hardware and software systems? Are you looking to expand your venue? Does technological change seem daunting? With an IT support team on your side, technological strategising can be done for you - while you focus on running your business. 

Starting from the ground up, IT consultancy services aim to enact a digital transformation of your business, refining procedures and automating processes to make things run smoother. 

From drawing up a strategic road map of IT improvement steps to delivering short, focused advisory sessions, IT consultants can prove essential to enhanced efficiency. What’s more, recruiting a dedicated team of IT experts, like those on ITRM’s Help Desk, means that the solution to sudden tech emergencies is only ever a call away. 

5.Cut costs 

The past few years have been tough for venues. We’ve sadly seen a number of businesses go under. However, as things start to open up again, the entertainment industry is more competitive than ever. So what better time to invest in your IT infrastructure and services?

After an upfront cost, IT support services like ours essentially pay for themselves — be it through saving labour by automating repetitive processes or saving money spent on recovering from cyberattacks. 

How ITRM’s IT support helps venues

With over 20 successful years in the IT industry, ITRM has worked with an impressive range of businesses, venues included. We take great pride in getting to know the nuances of every company we work with to create innovative IT solutions that are tailored to their unique specifications. 

IT support London - Supporting venues

Venues in London are up against a unique set of challenges. As with all businesses in the nation’s capital, venues are not only subjected to higher rates of competition but also greater exposure to cybercrime. 

From the increased risk of social engineering to careless IT support providers, there are a whole host of threats to London-based venues. As a result, the ITRM team have made it their mission to provide reliable and effective IT support to London venues and businesses alike. 

Contact us for IT support services today

If your sports or entertainment venue could benefit from managed IT support services, contact our friendly team of experts today. 

In the meantime, browse our full range of IT support services or check out the rest of our blog for more information. 

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