You don’t want to end up a cybersecurity statistic. Check out our latest blog post to learn how a cyber security consultant can protect yourself and your business.

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Cybercrime is constantly evolving, which means that cyber security must continually adapt in order to keep up. 

To safeguard your organisation against data breaches, you’ll need to be on top of risk recognition, developing trends, and planning and implementing a suitable response. All of these things create a significant amount of work for even small companies, and from a position on the inside, it can be hard to see the bigger picture. 

However, partnering with a cyber security consultant is a way around this workload. Often the best way to create an effective system, cyber security consultants like those at ITRM can save your company time, money, and much more. 

Read on to discover the potential benefits of cyber security consultancy for your organisation.

What is a cyber security consultant exactly?

A cyber security consultant is an informed outside party that can assess your current IT support system and provide the advice and technology to meet your needs. 

Suitable for organisations with or without a dedicated IT department, a consultant will use their independent experience to strengthen your security. Whether that’s patching up holes or building the entire defence, a cyber security consultant can protect your organisation against data breaches. 

Why do businesses need cyber security consultants? 

Cyberattacks are becoming more and more complex — and with a greater reach. As businesses benefit from transferring data and operations online, they also open themselves up to risk. 

While we all understand the security of a safe in an underground bunker, few of us can really grasp the intricacies of cybercrime and cyber security. And that’s where cyber security experts come in.

What can a cyber security consultant do for your business?

The support of a cyber security consultant can help you safeguard data and avoid data breaches. Such breaches can have wide-reaching consequences including (but not limited to) the following:

  • Damage to your company’s financial standing
  • Irreparable reputational damage
  • A breakdown of trust in client relationships 
  • Time and staff energy lost to repairs 

On the other hand, managed consultancy services will provide protection while asserting your commitment to security to stakeholders and potential business partners. As an individual who can act as an extension of your current team or as an independent agent, consultants are flexible and effective. 

It can be tricky to notice security gaps from your position inside the organisation. Cyber security IT consultancy provides an outside perspective to give your security system a complete audit. With the guidance of an experienced cyber security consultant, you can make informed decisions that are right for your company.

Cyber security consultancy also offers an educational benefit. The human element can be the weakest point of any security system, but proper education about social engineering threats can reduce this risk greatly.

A cyber security consultant might seem like an extra expense if you think your IT support has it covered, but the service saves money over time. By preventing security breaches, security consultants protect your bottom line (and show potential partners your commitment to safety). 

To sum it all up then, a cyber security consultant can:

  • Save you time and money
  • Help deliver a more fine-tuned cyber security strategy 
  • Reduce the risk of a data breach 
  • Maintain the credibility of your organisation 
  • Help you make informed digital decisions
  • Train you and your staff on cyber security best practices
  • And so much more!

ITRM’s Cyber security consulting service

At ITRM, we use our unique ITRM Protect and ITRM Secure services to ensure you have a complete and effective cyber security system. Our constantly-evolving system detects and removes threats before they can even interrupt your day. 

ITRM offers a targeted security audit, identifying weak points and building an understanding of your security needs. In addition to strengthening your weaknesses in cyber security, we can help you build a full security package to protect your organisation. Whether you’re confident in your current security but want an outside opinion, or you want to start from scratch, ITRM has a consultancy service to suit your needs. 

Adopting cyber security best practices with the help of ITRM can prevent you from falling victim to targeted attacks by cybercriminals. We intend to educate and empower, introducing you to best practices to protect against data breaches at every level. And when you need a hands-on approach, our in-house experts can monitor and address your security concerns. 

Security isn’t the only focus of our consultants. The ITRM IT Consultancy service can reduce costs and grow the business, by streamlining and developing an effective IT support strategy.

Contact us today

Cyberattacks are a threat that no organisation should overlook, regardless of size or purpose. At ITRM, we provide a consultancy service tailored to your needs, reviewing and advising as necessary. 

If you’re a business in Kent or the London area seeking IT support, get in contact today to find out how ITRM’s cyber security consultancy service can protect your organisation against cyber threats. 

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