Did your parents and teachers always tell you to get your head out of the clouds? Well, in this day and age,the Cloud is the best place for the brains of your business to be, especially in a broadband hotspot such as London. Read on to find out why.

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Reduced costs

First and foremost, establishing and maintaining a private, in-house server is an exceedingly costly endeavour, which is why converting to cloud computing stands to save your business a significant amount of money.

With a dedicated team of experts on your side, you’ll receive tailored advice on the most (and least) cost-effective hardware and software to invest in. What’s more, with cloud servers, you never have to install expensive hardware in the first place since it’s all virtual! 

Cloud servers have minimal monthly fees and are run and taken care of by the provider’s expert staff, eliminating hardware, maintenance, and operational costs.

Ultimate flexibility and increased productivity

Another major benefit of moving to the Cloud is flexibility. No longer will you or your workforce be limited by a physical location. Your team can enjoy full access to essential software and documents whilst working remotely.

Not only does this improve productivity and communications when implementing wide-reaching initiatives, but you can also reduce your on-site workstations and cut overheads dramatically.

All you need to put this ultimate flexibility into practice are quality network connections, and thankfully, London is ranked among the top 100 cities for network speed and stability, boasting 19% faster broadband than the rest of the nation.


As a business owner, you have to be ready for anything: sudden growth and sudden downturns. But a potential problem with legacy IT infrastructure is that it neither scales well nor provides a suitable safety net for a business decline.

To future-proof for growth with a private server, you’d typically establish a system with plenty of headroom, pumping money into hardware you may not use for years, and renting a server can be just as problematic.

This is not an issue for Cloud-based businesses, as they can simply contact their provider and have their plan amended to suit unexpected growth or decline in a matter of minutes, ensuring they can capitalise on upturns and minimise loss on the down.

Enhanced security

When considering moving to the cloud, many worry about data security, feeling that a local or in-house server is safer due to its proximity - but this isn’t necessarily the case.

Granted, as an internet-based service, Cloud servers do offer cybercriminals more points of entry, so to speak, but what does it matter how many doors there are if they’re all locked up tight? 

Cloud security protocols are updated with all the latest defence mechanisms as soon as they’re available, meaning your stored data is always protected.

No back-up necessary

Chances are, you’ve been paying a small premium to back up your sensitive data, but when you’re on the Cloud, all your data is automatically backed up across a number of locations. 

If something should happen at one of these locations, data can quickly be restored through safe and secure backups stored in multiple other places for use. 

It’s the future …

Now, we know that in your personal and professional life, you pride yourself on being unique and doing your own thing, which is great — it’s the reason your business stands out and prospers. 

However, sometimes, it’s wise to follow the crowd.

Investment in Cloud IT has actually overtaken spending on legacy infrastructure, a tipping of the scales set to continue indefinitely. Simply put, more and more businesses are converting to Cloud computing, enjoying all the benefits we’ve discussed here today, giving them a distinct edge over your enterprise.

When it comes to the future of business computing, the Cloud is the only path, and we can help you walk it. 

ITRM: The sky’s the limit

Here at ITRM, we specialise in Cloud migration and tailoring services to suit individual business needs, ensuring every hard-earned penny you invest actually goes toward streamlining your operation.

It doesn’t matter how entangled you currently are in traditional IT infrastructures. Contact us today, and our team of dedicated experts will develop a step-by-step action plan for gently lifting your business from the limitations of traditional computing and chart you a bright course for the future.

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