When something goes wrong with your IT system and you need help, you need it right away, so your operations are not disrupted and you can fix your issue immediately. It's also good to get instant assistance when you want to ask a question — about an upgrade, possible compatibility problems, moving to the cloud or anything else concerning your network. 

IT support is not always immediately available, however, and many firms are left waiting when they should be receiving the support they're paying for. So the IT support response time can range from an hour to well beyond — even into the next day. And all the while, a company's operations may be imperilled. 

At ITRM, we know the meaning of urgency. When a critical issue arises at one of our clients’ businesses, we're primed to act — immediately and fast. 

That's why we operate a 24/7 Support Help Desk where clients can get the help they need, when they need it. Our skilled technical experts are standing by and available to answer all kinds of queries, from the small and simple to the large and complex, so you don't lose out and can keep your business running smoothly. A 9-5 help desk just won’t work. 

Having external IT Support is invaluable for all kinds of companies, helping them to lower costs while getting the technical expertise they need and benefiting from the latest in hardware and software as they become available. But external IT support is only really invaluable if it's available when something potentially catastrophic occurs — such as a network crash that takes everything offline or a cyberattack that threatens to steal all your previous customer and client data.

Such events don’t only happen during office hours. So rapid, around the clock IT support response times are critical to all firms.

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