There are many types of IT services that are essential to keeping businesses operational. Without them, their systems could quickly encounter issues and potentially disrupt operations, ultimately derailing a company's reputation. Here are some of the most common types of IT services that businesses use. 

Hardware and Software

The physical and unseen elements of an IT system are the foundations upon which it is built: the servers and computers and programs and apps that run on them. The hardware can encounter all manner of technical issues, from disk problems to memory and lots more, and software may not be compatible or be corrupted, causing problems that can ripple out from an IT system to customers everywhere. Good IT support can identify such critical issues before they arise, as well as quickly solve them when they do. 

Company Network 

The integrity of a company's network is an integral part of how it operates. It includes everything from the internet connection to email, links between computers and so much more — including problems with cloud computing. It needs to be constantly monitored to ensure it's fully functional at all times and to prevent drops in productivity, along with sales and profits. This is another important IT service that firms provide. 


Security is a critical aspect of IT services that no business can afford to ignore. Hacks on company IT systems are commonplace and no firm is immune to the threat. At risk are the company's digital assets, as well as client and customer data and anything else that's stored on a company's servers that, if stolen, could cause immense harm to the enterprise. IT security services work to detect cyber-threats and eliminate them before they can do any damage. 

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