Few business owners would argue against the need for a robust security system. However, many rely on outdated IT systems and place too heavy a burden on IT departments with limited resources and expertise. And, while this may mean technological defences are strong, it does leave data exposed to another vulnerability: human error.

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Cyber security awareness training for employees can transform your security weak point into a strong line of defence. Correct education improves performance and prevents a loss of time, money, and data.

Read on to learn precisely why cyber security training pays.

Reduced threat level

Data breaches aren’t always the result of carefully targeted attacks. Sometimes, a cybercriminal can take advantage of mistakes you never noticed were mistakes.

Third-party cyber security consultants can help you identify gaps in security, before teaching employees what good security looks like.

By training your staff in cyber security, you increase the level of protection and reduce the level of risk. Potential threats can be recognised, reported, and removed before they have a chance to cause data breaches.

A fostered culture of security

Cyber security awareness training can integrate security into the heart of your business. Rather than having to remind employees to stay alert, their improved situational awareness makes cyber security part of workplace culture.

With the trend towards remote working looking to continue, this culture of security has further benefits. Instead of allowing weak links across numerous home systems, the culture of security encourages people to set up and monitor their own defences.

Cyber Security Presentation

Supported & upgraded security

Sophisticated IT services act as an exceptional defence, but they need human involvement to run correctlyproperly. For example, a firewall can’t function if an employee doesn’t turn it on. By delivering cyber security awareness training, you can automatically upgrade your defences without changing the framework.

This extra layer of defence might be more important than you realise. It’s thought that 95% of data breaches are now caused by human error. Cybercriminals often choose to target individuals rather than systems. Effective training can transform your employees from security weaknesses into a robust line of defence.

Relieved stress & improved confidence

When employees are educated about cyber security, they can be confident in identifying and reporting attacks. And confident employees are better workers. Training can also reduce anxiety surrounding an employee's own role in the security system. For example, giving your staff the knowledge they need to recognise social engineering or phishing attempts may mean the difference between a safe and a compromised business.

Employee training will instil confidence in potential investors and partners. An effective system such as ITRM’s end-to-end security demonstrates a considered and thorough approach to safety. Consumers expect businesses to care about cyber security. Educated employees can communicate the exact level of care you show. 

Cyber Security Teamwork

Meet compliance standards

Cybercriminals aren’t the only people to have noticed the human element can be a security weak point — many international standard setters are also paying attention. Compliance requirements frequently emphasise the role of the employee in cyber security services. Failing to meet compliance standards can result in fines and damaged reputations.

Cyber security awareness training can also prepare you for the future. Cybercrime is always evolving, and compliance requirements are forced to adapt. Train employees in best practices for cyber security, and they’ll respond quicklyquicker to changes.

Financial benefits

If you believe your security system is working properly, cyber security awareness training may seem like an unnecessary expense. But when human error leads to a costly data breach, you’ll understand why property training can actually save you money.

As well as preventing large financial losses from attacks, security training can help you avoid operational downtime. Trained employees can identify and report security threats earlier, before they cause damage. When the threat is reported, it can be quarantined, examined, and stopped, all without disrupting operations.

Enhance your cyber security with awareness training

Employee education is a crucial component of cyber security. Learn how to create and manage an effective cyber security system with ITRM. Contact us today to find out more

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