However your company operates — whether it's all together in an office or scattered around the country or globe — it's essential that you maintain your IT system so that it doesn't run into trouble or fail, leaving everyone unable to work and bringing everything to a halt. Keeping IT networks going and at an optimal level, with minimum downtime and for scheduled maintenance only, is a full-time job for many people in an organisation, and it's also an expensive undertaking.

That's why more companies than ever are opting for remote IT support instead of hiring their own team of technical wizards; it offers the chance to drastically reduce costs and increase workflow efficiencies because the remote team will ensure the system is fully operational and is on hand to swiftly resolve issues when they arise. 

Remote IT support is all the more critical to firms' success at a time when more people than ever are working remotely. They need all the technical assistance they can get to ensure they can do their work from home — running their hardware and software, collaborating in the cloud with colleagues and attending video calls with people around the world. 

The flexibility of good virtual IT support delivers the kind of help that companies need for their staff in a new era of working where not everyone is bound to the office. Here’s what you should consider when looking at remote IT support planning and cost. 

Remote IT Support Planning

Before approaching a potential IT partner to supply your support needs, you should work out what kind of IT services your company and individual staff need, especially if they're working from home and require particular types of assistance. Then you can form a plan and present it to an external IT firm and get a package tailored to your needs that is not broad and excludes services that you don't want and won't use. 

As maintaining all the hardware in an IT system, from servers to desktops and laptops, is one of the most time-consuming tasks for any company, it might make sense to outsource it to a remote IT service, letting them carry out routine checks and upgrades so that the integrity is maintained and it doesn't run the risk of crashing. The same goes for software and the continual updating that's required so that staff have access to the latest versions of apps and programs and their benefits. 

Having access to a help desk is another critically important feature of good IT support — and not just one that operates during office hours only. Problems arise around the clock, and remote and flexible workers may not work 9-5 but when they want, including at weekends, so you need a 24-hour help desk you can rely on to solve issues when they appear. This is essential to keeping the entire operation running smoothly. 

Remote IT Support Cost

We mentioned that you should decide on what IT support services your company requires and not just accept a standard, broad plan that includes services not applicable to you — and paying for them too. It's not possible to give an exact cost for what remote IT services will be, as every provider is different and has various fee levels, but if you figure out what you need, you should be able to get a quote that's as individual as your company is.

You can be sure, in terms of remote IT support cost, that it will be far lower than if you employed your own IT experts to keep your network maintained and operational — including preventing it from the ever-present threat of cyberattacks that could be reputationally and financially harmful. 

Then you can get on with running your business while enjoying lower overheads and safe in the knowledge that you don’t have to worry about your IT system.

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