In 1962 a group of designers and art directors came together to celebrate creative communication and raise standards within their industry. Amongst the group were David Bailey, Terence Donovan and Alan Fletcher. They called themselves British Design & Art Direction, and the following year they organised their first Awards event. From 2500 entries they select just 16 pieces of work to receive the soon to be coveted Yellow Pencil.

2013 and British Design & Art Direction has grown mightily, but slimmed down its name. Now D&AD, its members represent the creative, design and advertising communities, not just in Britain, but worldwide. Shaped by numerous talented, idiosyncratic professionals with wildly varying approaches but a shared commitment to excellence, D&AD is headed by an executive committee and President, all elected from the membership.


The Challenge

Due to outgrowing their existing premises, D&AD had planned to move to larger, refurbished offices in Hanbury Street London. It was imperative that the move went smoothly with no loss of service and within very tight deadlines. Delaying the move to a later date was not an option. As such they chose to order the telephone lines, telephone system and internet access directly with a major carrier. Eight days prior to the move date the carrier dropped the bombshell news that no orders had been placed and therefore no services would be live in time for the move, and the only thing they could offer was a handful a mobile phones!


The ITRM Voice & Data team knew the chances of delivering even the most basic of functionality within 8 days was virtually impossible, however, undaunted we raised the initial orders required for ISDN30 lines & associated DDI’s. The telephone system part of the project was not a problem, all hardware & software required for this 70 user system was configured and delivered to site within 48 hours. With extensive knowledge and experience in traversing BT’s provisioning process, the order for the ISDN30 was escalated through the appropriate departments, handheld every step of the way and eventually escalated to the Director of Services. The result was BT engineers on-site within 72 hours installing a new ISDN30.

The final piece of the jigsaw was internet connectivity for 70 + users sending & receiving large design files. The standard lead time for a lease line is 60 – 90 days; we had 8 days! By utilising a brand new service offered by one of our strategic partners, the Voice & Data team were able to design, plan and implement a resilient 100Mb lease line wirelessly within 5 days.

The Result

D&AD were able to move into their new offices on time, within deadline and with all of the services they needed to ensure a successful relocation.