Phone Hacking

In 2011 our news was hit by reports and investigations around the phone hacking scandal. Whilst media coverage highlighted the depths of this scandal and alerted us to the dealings of certain newspapers a recent report by BBC radio 4 highlights that the scandal goes further than just the News of the World.

The investigations of Radio 4 reveal that at least 40 UK businesses report having their Private Branch Exchanges hacked in March 2013 alone. On average these businesses lost £21,000 each with the cost of hacking in one month alone amounting to £840,000. Such losses arise as the result of criminals hacking phone lines and generating as many calls as possible to expensive overseas telephone numbers, collecting around 90% of the revenues generated.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau reported a significant increase in reported hacking incidents over the last year and shared its concern about the movement from 36 cases to 183 between January 2012 and March 2013. As a result of such reports regulator Ofcom has urged businesses to increase security measures. A spokesman for Ofcom has advised ‘It is important that companies using VoIP systems take steps to ensure both the physical and technical security of their equipment in order to avoid becoming an ‘easy target’ for this type of criminal activity, and they should seek advice from their system or managed service provider in order to do so.’

As a provider of Voice and Data services, ITRM are able to assist in mitigating the risk of your business becoming a victim of ‘dial-through fraud’. Speak to member of our team for further information.

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